Satnews Daily
September 17th, 2014

MTN's Maestro Conducts A Symphony Of A Satellite Solution For Yachts (Ku-/Ka-band Antenna)

[SatNews] The solution will operate in Ku- and Ka-bands simultaneously for yachts that need the highest speeds with the most reliability and the ultimate value. 

In a yacht industry first, for delivery of ultra-high speed connectivity and content in the Mediterranean, MTN Communications (MTN) is launching a Ka-band-ready satellite solution.  Coupled with the MTN Maestro communications management solution, the company will offer customers the Skytech BB75 dual Ku-/Ka-band satellite antenna.  Complementing today’s MTN Ku-band service optimized through MTN Maestro, this is the first Ka-band satellite solution available for delivery to the yacht market. 

MTN powers communications and content for the majority of the world’s megayachts. This new Ku-/Ka-band offering also will provide a smart transition to the proprietary high throughput multi-spot beam Ku-band satellite services (MTN HTMS™) coming in the next year.  The solution will operate in Ku- and Ka-bands simultaneously for yachts that need the highest speeds with the most reliability and the ultimate value.  

“As provider to the most megayachts in the market, we are excited to once again deliver the newest, most powerful high-throughput communications solution to the most demanding of customers,” said Derik Wagner, managing director, MTN Yacht Business Unit.  “We design the best system for each individual yacht by leveraging the latest technologies—now operable in all frequency bands—with the smartest applications.  Not only is our Maestro platform set up for MTN HTMS—it is Ka-band-ready.  This partnership with Skytech extends our platform with an antenna that can deliver Ku- and Ka-band service simultaneously—something the market has not yet experienced.”

MTN will debut the Skytech Ku/Ka-band satellite solution at the Monaco Yacht Show, September 24-27, 2014, at its “MTN PoP Lounge” at the Black Legend Restaurant. 

“We are pleased to be partnered with the global yacht communications leader to bring this original solution to market and in a way that complements such a powerful tool as MTN Maestro,” said Edoardo Zarghetta, director, Skytech.  “This is a true differentiator that we believe will exceed customer expectations.”

MTN is a provider of communications and content services for remote locations around the world, and serves the following segments; Yachts, Cruise, Ferries, Oil & Gas, Commercial Shipping and Government.  For more information, please visit.

Skytech, established more than 25 years ago, provide data connections wherever at sea, in any condition and environment.  The company creates and embeds communications technologies, and they are forged within the Military and Oil & Gas sectors. With a presence in the U.S., Europe and Asia, Skytech brings an international pulse that monitors and ensures each one of its systems is fully performing beyond expectations at sea.