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August 14th, 2017

JAXA's Disappointing Series of Scrubs of Michibiki No. 3 Satellite

Better to err on the side of caution despite the frustration of wanting to launch a satellite when a delay is called due to weather, mechanical difficulties or something else.

Photo of successful launch of H-IIA for Mitsubishi.

And so it is with Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. launch of H-IIA Launch Vehicle No. 35 encapsulating MICHIBIKI No. 3 Quasi-Zenith Satellite System a Geostationary Orbit Satellite.

Saturday, August 12, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. and JAXA decided to cancel the launch of H-IIA Launch Vehicle No. 35 (H-IIA F35). 

The announcement is as follows:

"H-IIA F35 launch was originally scheduled on August 12, 2017 but has been cancelled due to the necessity of additional examinations around rocket propulsion system.

The new launch date will be announced as soon as it is determined."

The satellite will be placed into geostationary orbit to help locate people during disasters and to support autonomous driving technology.

The government plans to use the satellites to supplement the service provided by the U.S. global positioning system. The new satellites will provide more accurate positioning and mapping services.