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May 11th, 2016

Eurovision + ABS Jump On Board ABS-3A Results... Increase Capacity To 56 European Countries And Beyond

Signing on to a new increased capacity will support the heavy growth of media content in Europe. It's the renewal of a relationship.

Eurovision and ABS have announced that they have signed a capacity agreement for a multi-transponder, multi-year deal on ABS-3A, the latest addition to the ABS fleet. The capacity will be used for broadcasting content to Eurovision customers in 56 countries across Europe and beyond. Distribution of content will include live coverage of major sporting events and news content, making ABS-3A at 3 degrees West a prime broadcast location for Europe.

ABS-3A is equipped with 48 C and Ku-band transponders (96 x 36MHz equivalent) serving rapidly growing markets in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. ABS-3A provides capacity to reach markets serving video, data, mobility and government applications.

“The new capacity on ABS-3A will support Eurovision’s substantial growth of media content delivery services in Europe. We look forward to renewing our relationship with ABS to deliver high-quality services to the media community reliably and cost-effectively,” said Eurovision Network Director Graham Warren.

“We are very pleased to partner again with Eurovision, using the excellent coverage of the ABS-3A European beam to provide optimal coverage for the diverse media requirements of Eurovision,” said Tom Choi, CEO of ABS.  “We are seeing an increasing demand for broadcasting services in Europe as well as MENA and Africa. ABS-3A at 3 degrees West is strategically located for continental contribution and distribution of live sports, news and entertainment programmes. With our established broadcasting platform at 75 degrees East, ABS-3A expands our video neighborhoods into these new markets. We look forward to building our collaboration with Eurovision in the future to serve a wider audience." 

Eurovision http://www.eurovision.tv/