Satnews Daily
September 12th, 2019

Five Eyes Coalition Forces See ... and Select Viasat's Suite of Network Encryption Products

Viasat (NASDAQ: VSAT) in London announced at Defence & Security Equipment International—DSEI 2019 that their expansive line of network encryption products are available for use by all Five Eyes (FVEY) partner nations. Viasat has over two decades of experience protecting the integrity of governments' most sensitive information that include the Five Eyes (FVEY) partner nations that are Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States.

KG-255X IP Encryption

Viasat's network encryption products use patented programmable cryptographic technology that is designed to safeguard sensitive information across today's battlespace — from the cloud to the tactical edge. Viasat is also currently the only U.S. company to support Type 1 encryption for both Layer 2 EDE[1] (Ethernet Data Encryption) and Layer 3 HAIPE® (High Assurance Internet Protocol Encryptor) network protocols.

Ken Peterman, president, Government Systems, Viasat commented that the explosion of connected devices, cloud-centric networks and today's rapidly evolving cyber-threats has put the need for enhanced, interoperable network encryption solutions center stage. By offering support for different network topologies across our portfolio of encryption products, we are able to help FVEY government and military organizations secure their communications and sensitive data across next-generation network infrastructures and cloud-based systems.

Viasat stated that the company has a proven track record of first-to-market products in the information assurance and network encryption market, and cited as an example, Viasat was first to offer a 100-gigabit-per-second Type 1 network encryption device, known to the U.S. Government as the KG-142. 

[1] Pending certification from the U.S. National Security Agency