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Current Satellite News
September 12th, 2019
Mission Microwave Enables Intellian Ka-Band Terminals for HTS and LEO Satellite Networks
Mission Microwave is providing a range of Ka- and Ku-band Block Upconverters to Intellian with power levels up to 400 watts. Mission’s core...
Septentrio's GNSS/INS Receiver for UAVs, Lighter, Longer Battery Life and Continuous Positioning 
algorithm provides continuous positioning during short GNSS outages (coasting) that can happen in flight near high structures, under bridges or
Five Eyes Coalition Forces See ... and Select Viasat's Suite of Network Encryption Products
Viasat is also currently the only U.S. company to support Type 1 encryption for both Layer 2 EDE[1] and Layer 3 HAIPE® network protocols.
Eight Companies Selected for Inclusion in the Fourth Catalyst Space Accelerator Program
The Catalyst Space Accelerator (CSA), sponsored by Air Force Research Laboratory Space Vehicles Directorate, was created to advance...
BridgeComm to Deliver to Optical Comms System to Saturn Satellite Networks
BridgeComm will work to provide Saturn with optical communications system design and systems engineering. BridgeComm will also support...
C-COM Integrates Flyaway Antenna System with NSLCom's LEO Smallsat
C-COM’s engineering team developed the NSL ground station demonstrator terminals along with the required tracking software to...
Over One Billion Served ... GSA's Milestone Celebrates 1Billion Galileo Smartphone Users
Over one billion served is a remarkable number, depending of course what the item is that has been sold, whether, for example, hamburgers or cars. 
Goal! as Casablanca Online and Newtec Dialog® Provide Live '2019 Copa America' Football
Brazilian SNG Broadcasters are often faced with unstable connectivity while covering live events
Aevum Awarded $4.9 Million Contract from U.S.A.F. Rocket Systems Launch Program   
These orbital missions, like ALSON-45, can be used to directly support the warfighter and demonstrate new weapon system technologies and concepts.
New Wideband Platform Rolls Out from UHP Networks... to be Demo'd @ IBC2019
The new product has three times greater capability in data throughput compared to the current UHP platform. This represents a significant...
China Launches Resource Satellite and Two Smallsats
The resource satellite, ZY-1 02D, was developed by the China Academy of Space Technology (CAST) and is an important part of China's space-based...
An NGA Contract to Monitor North Korean Military Facilities Awarded to AllSource Analysis
AllSource is providing a cost-effective and integrated approach to develop military-related GEOINT data sets specifically for North Korea. The NGA ...
Collins Aerospace and SES Provide LuxStream Service for Vista Global's Business Aircraft
Collins Aerospace Systems is teaming with SES to bring business aviation customers the fastest broadband speeds available within the...
4KUniverse Renews Multi-Year Distribution Agreement with AsiaSat
4KUniverse was part of AsiaSat’s 4K-SAT UHD demo channel initiated in 2015, broadcasting a few hours of UHD programming a day. Now, with the...