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May 18th, 2018

Avanti Communications Wins "Changing Lives"... and Does for 18,000 Tanzanian Teachers and 216,000 Students 

Actually living up to an award's name, "Changing Lives", has proven to be true for Avanti Communications Group plc (“Avanti”), a provider of satellite data communications services in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (“EMEA”), which has won the “Changing Lives” award for its innovative iKnowledge Project at East Africa Com 2018.

This is no small matter as the actual changed lives has been recorded and totals 18,000 teachers and 216,000 students, over 310 primary and secondary schools across 25 regions in Tanzania, closing the digital divide and bringing high-speed satellite internet to rural and suburban schools facilitates.

The project includes the training of ICT and digital skills for teachers, as well as providing educational content to both primary and secondary schools, driving improved educational outcomes for Tanzanian teachers and students. 

iKnowledge is funded by the UK Space Agency’s International Partnership Program (IPP) and Avanti, supported by international and local partners, including the Tanzanian Ministry of Education, Tanzanian Education Authority, President’s Office Regional Administration and Local Government and Universal Communications Service Access Fund. The project, which has been running for three years has positively impacted teachers and students in remote schools. Through satellite internet connectivity and ICT training, teachers can now access the latest educational content online and deliver it straight into classrooms.


Teachers and students can access satellite broadband via Avanti’s HYLAS 2 satellite, which provides 100 percent coverage of Tanzania. Broadband is installed and supported through local Internet Service Providers (ISPs), while the ICT hardware, digital skills training, and educational content are delivered in partnership with Avanti, Camara Education Tanzania, and Discovery Learning Alliance.

The iKnowledge video here shares more information. 

Graham Peters, Managing Director of Avanti Government, said that they’re delighted that the iKnowledge Project has been recognized within the industry and presented the “Changing Lives” award. Through Avanti’s high-speed satellite broadband, innovative thinking and collaboration with their project partners, iKnowledge has made teachers and pupils digital citizens of Tanzania.

The UK Space Agency’s International Partnership Program uses UK space expertise to deliver innovative solutions to real-world problems across the globe. IPP seeks to maximize the practical impact on the lives of those living in developing countries by partnering with developing countries to use space solutions to solve their specific development challenges, and in doing so increase their capacity.