Satnews Daily
December 15th, 2014

Space Start-Up Incubations Planned By Space-Nest.

[SatNews] Space-Nest sponsored Space Angels Network has launched a relationship that will incubate space start-ups.

Space Angels Network is a professionally managed global network of seed- and early-stage investors focused specifically on aerospace ventures. Space Angels Network members share a common passion for promoting the development of the aerospace industry and related technologies while also earning attractive returns on private investments.

The organizations' collaboration will connect Space Angels Network's private capital and startup expertise with Space-Nest's entrepreneurs. Space-Nest will also act as Space Angels Network's Tel Aviv Network Hub, the network's first in the Middle East.

"Space-Nest's team is comprised of experts with a 30+ year track record of developing successful space technologies systems and applications. Their technical insight, access to a growing flow of start-ups, and deep ties to academic institutions and industry leaders makes them a valuable, natural fit to the Space Angels Network mission and complement to our community," said Space Angles Network Principal, Amir Blachman.

Ofer Lapid, Co-Founder of Space-Nest, said, "An appropriate framework will enable small, innovative companies with strong teams to develop emerging technologies into commercialized products. This will allow them to participate in, and accelerate "NewSpace."

Space-Nest Co-Founder, Danny Shtaier, added, "We believe Israel will become an increasingly significant innovator among the international space industry. Because of Space Angels Network's capital resources, startup investment expertise and access to the space startup ecosystem, we feel they are a vital partner, and we are excited to commence the relationship."

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