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October 21st, 2014

Telenor Connexion + u-bloc are a Team + Have a loT of Plans... for Network-Friendly M2M Modems

[SatNews] Swiss u­-blox and Telenor Connexion have collaborated to secure efficient and optimized usage of M2M and IoT devices and applications in mobile networks.

SARA-G3 GSM/GPRS module series

In typical distributed IoT applications such as smart metering and remote security systems, a cellular modem may attempt multiple times to connect to the network. If numerous units make simultaneous attempts, for example energy meters reporting their readings at midnight, a network may become overloaded and unresponsive.

In recognition of this scenario, and to further guide IoT device and application developers, u-blox and Telenor Connexion have introduced a “Network Friendly Modem,” which will be embedded in all u-blox cellular modules. The firmware allows the modem to autonomously attempt to connect to the cellular network based on pre-defined and geometrically longer time delays, and a maximum number of attempts. The “Network Friendly Mode” is based on the recently published GSMA report “IoT Device Connection Efficiency Guidelines,” which promotes optimized modem behavior in cellular networks.

The aim is to further enable rapid growth and accelerate deployments of connected solutions.

''This successful partnership with u-blox ensures an optimal performance of our networks,” said Telenor Connexion Global Partnerships Director Rémi Demerlé. “The new firmware introduced in u-blox’ modules enables devices and applications to communicate in the most intelligent and efficient way, whilst preventing service outages, thereby ensuring a continued reliable service to our M2M customers. This collaboration is also paving the way for a larger adoption of best practices within the M2M and IoT developer community.”

“We are pleased with the result of our close cooperation with Telenor Connexion to address an issue facing all developers of IoT applications: how to ensure reliable and predictable network connectivity in all possible scenarios,” said u-blox Strategic Partnership VP Richard Fry. “By carefully analyzing modem behavior within their extensive 2G and 3G networks, we were able to define a robust algorithm that provides optimal connectivity, even when large numbers of units are involved.“

For more information, please visit the Telenor Connexion infosite