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April 2nd, 2020

Argentine Navy Uses Globalsat, Iridium Certus™ and Thales Tech and Wins the XXIV Oceanic Regatta

Iridium Communications Inc. has revealed that their partner company, Globalsat, has carried out the first Iridium Certus® installation for the Argentine Navy, in support of their entrance into the XXIV Oceanic Regatta Buenos Aires – Rio de Janeiro.

The Fortuna III powered by Globalsat Group.

Equipped with a Thales VesseLINK™ terminal featuring the Iridium Certus 700 service, Argentine Navy regatta yacht Fortuna III finished in first place in its category.

Globalsat Argentina provided the necessary assistance to the Fortuna III crew members, enabling them to take full advantage of the Iridium Certus service’s capabilities.

Using the fastest L-band speeds in the industry, the crew of the Fortuna III accessed data connections up to 704 kbps in support of meteorological applications, nautical chart updates, sharing pictures and video, and maintained permanent communication for mission success and safety.

The Argentine Navy's Luis Sgrilletti, Captain and Commander of Fortuna III, was particularly impressed by the "surprising speed" at which the team was able to access the information. He said that being able to visualize, in the context of a competition, constant and real-time updates of meteorological information, nautical charts and positions of the other competitors, was decisive for the achievement of the results obtained.

Bryan Hartin

Iridium EVP of Sales and Marketing, Bryan Hartin, added that with the newly upgraded Iridium Certus 700 service, the crew of the Fortuna III had access to the fastest weather resilient L-band connectivity the maritime industry has ever known. Iridium is proud of partner Globalsat for supporting the Argentine Navy, ensuring the Fortuna III crew’s safety and helping them achieve victory.