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November 5th, 2015

Euroconsult Joining Forces With The World Space Risk Forum

[Satnews] Euroconsult announces the company has entered into a strategic partnership with the World Space Risk Forum (WSRF), whereby Euroconsult will assist in the WSRF's commitment to the creation of a comprehensive platform for the global space risk community.

The alliance will primarily be focused on developing valuable insights on space risk data, analysis of industry trends, and providing a global networking platform for the space industry. Since 2010, the WSRF has hosted a series of events attended by industry-leading space risk experts, including manufacturers, operators, underwriters, space agencies and re-insurers.

The main forum event will be held in Dubai, November 2016, to coincide with other UAE-based announced space events including Abu Dhabi Global Space Congress 2016. The 2016 WSRF will develop existing and future themes and aims to attract new industry players to the space risk arena.

Executive Comments

Identifying the wide range of space risks to be covered, Lucy Gilchrist, Head of the WSRF, said, "We have to open our minds to all the risks that could be out there for our industry, such as economic, geopolitical, technology, legal, regulatory, environmental and societal risks, to share knowledge and greater understanding. This is why we strongly believe in working with Euroconsult going forward. They share the WSRF vision that understanding risk is key to a safer space. The UAE offers a dynamic and strategic focus point for global space related topics, leading the discussions for the region and helping set the agenda on a global scale."

Euroconsult CEO, Pacôme Révillon, explained their decision to support the WSRF initiative, "The space sector is currently in a unique transition period, which involves shortened innovation cycles and a larger number of public and private stakeholders around the world. These trends result in new opportunities but at the expense of new risks for space projects. Our strategic partnership will aim at broadening the range of risks addressed throughout the event and across the space community to support the success of future space initiatives."