Satnews Daily
September 6th, 2017

A Shot for Space Startups with the FinSpace Awards During World Satellite Business Week

Communications-Smart, in partnership with Euroconsult, have introduced the FinSpace Awards.

This is a worldwide competition to provide awareness and exposure for the five most promising space start-ups that will be conducted during World Satellite Business Week in Paris from September 11 through 15 at the Westin.

Based on 22 nominations, those selected include:

Subsystems Activities

  • ThrustMe (FRA)
  • D-Orbit (ITA)
  • German Orbital Systems(DEU)
  • SkyFox Labs (CZE)
  • Swissto12 (CHE)
  • OxfordSpace Systems (GBR)


Satellite Integration

  • OpenCosmos (GBR)


Launcher Activities

  • PLD Space (ESP)
  • Vector Space (USA)
  • Orbex (GBR)
  • RocketCrafters (USA)


Satellite Operations

  • ClarkeBelt 2.0 (CAN)
  • iSpace (JAP)
  • Magnitude Space (NLD)
  • Astroscale (SGP)
  • AerospaceLab (BEL)
  • Else/Astrocast (CHE)
  • Eighty LEO (DEU)
  • Sat4M2M (DEU)


Ground Segment

  • LeafSpace (ITA)
  • Astrapi (USA)
  • LeoLabs (USA)

A jury panel assessed 22 nominee proposals coming from 13 countries: France, Italy, Germany, UK, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Czechoslovakia, Singapore, Japan, Canada and USA, based on the following criteria :

  • Work within the global satellite communications industry
  • Incorporated less than six years
  • Have raised ~ $1 million or more
  • Plus an evaluation of growth potential , passion , disruptive innovation and time to market


The five most promising start-ups will pitch in front of the Summit for Satellite Financing participants and will take place on Monday, September 11, in Paris during the most prestigious meeting of the satellite industry.  FinSpace Awards will provide awareness and worldwide visibility for the five selected and the cocktail reception will allow for high-level networking.

The jury panel is composed of :

  • Jean-Jacques Dordain, Jury president , member of advisory board of
  • Pacôme Révillon, CE0, Euroconsult
  • Pete Worden, chairman, Breakthrough Prize foundation
  • Will Porteous, Partner, COO of RRE Ventures
  • Ric Prentiss, Managing director, Telecom research, Raymond James & Associates
  • Serge Van Herck, Space Entrepreneur


The five most worldwide promising space start-ups will be announced and the awards will be presented on Monday, September 11.

The FinSpace award is 10,000 euros worth of Euroconsult’s research products ( plus six months’ of public relations support with Communications-Smart (