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May 9th, 2019

RUAG Space and Rocket Crafters' New MOU Launch Them Into the Smallsat Launcher Market 

Rocket Crafters, a manufacturer of advanced rockets operating from the Florida Space Coast, and RUAG Space, an independent product supplier for spacecraft, electronics and launchers, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), creating a new supplier agreement in the small launcher market.

Rocket Crafters will collaborate with RUAG on the design, development and procurement of a sounding rocket guidance and navigation system, nose cone and aeroshell in order to support an initial test flight, with the goal to achieve reliable, cost effective and fast time-to-market.

In addition, both parties recognize future business prospects based on Rocket Crafters‘ Intrepid launch vehicle to serve the increasing world market launch service demand for small satellites launch. Rocket Crafters has identified RUAG Space as the ideal partner for carbon composite structure for payload fairings and aeroshells, as well as RUAG’s avionics, payload adapters and separation systems for future missions of Rocket Crafters planned Intrepid-1 small satellite launch vehicle.

RUAG Space has been expanding its business in the small launcher market in recent years and this partnership seeks to extend that impact in the small launcher market.

Robert Fabian, President of Rocket Crafters, said RUAG Space is a natural fit for the company. They bring to the table their world-class expertise with flight structures, guidance, and avionics to complement the firm's revolutionary STAR-3D™ hybrid rocket engines. With their support, the firm will rapidly prototype the suborbital test rocket, gaining valuable flight heritage on the rocket's motors and quickly evolving into the Intrepid-1 small satellite launch vehicle.

Peter Guggenbach, CEO of RUAG Space, added with this agreement, the company continues to grow and position ourselves in the small launcher market. This market segment is on the rise, and with RUAG's flexible product range, the firm has a lot to offer customers.