Satnews Daily
November 12th, 2017

Update with New Firm Schedule After Tuesday's Scrub of ULA Delta II's JPSS-1 

The ULA Delta II rocket carrying the JPSS-1 mission for NASA and NOAA remains on track after being scrubbed today due to a red range and a late launch vehicle alarm.  Due to the short window, there was insufficient time to fully coordinate a resolution.

The mission is set to lift off at 1:47 a.m. PT on a Delta II rocket on Wednesday, November 15 from Space Launch Complex-2 at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. 

Launch Forecast Summary:

Overall probability of violating weather constraints: 20 percent
Oberall probability of favorable weather: 80 percent

Primary concerns: Ground Winds

Learn more about JPSS-1 and its mission at or download the Inside the World of JPSS-1 at this direct link...