Satnews Daily
February 26th, 2018

An April or May Launch of GSAT-11 is Indicated by ISRO

India Space Research Organization's Chairman, Dr. K. Sivan, has said that the GSAT-11 satellite will launch in either April or May.

Artistic rendition of the GSAT-11 satellite.
Image is courtesy of ISRO.

Dr. Sivan said that at 5.7 tons, this will be the heaviest satellite made in India and will pave the way for providing high bandwidth connectivity, especially in rural India. The satellite will be launched using an Ariane rocket, as India does not have the current capability to launch satellites that are heavier that four tons in weight.

The ISRO will launch the GSLV GSAT-6A during the last week of March. The ISRO had lined up a number of programs to make India stronger in various aspects of development and in offering services to the nation. Dr. Sivan said the ISRO was also working on improving the longevity of satellites.

A new electric propulsion system was being developed by tapping solar power. The ISRO was working on 158 programs. Of them, 126 programs were “in good shape,” according to the Chairman.

Dr. Sivan said the ISRO would involve private companies as much as possible to carry out certain tasks and components for ndia's satellites.