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July 28th, 2015

HISPASAT's 12th Year... Magic Route To The Emeralds + Critical Need For SatCom Connection

[SatNews] HISPASAT, the Spanish satellite telecommunications operator, will provide satellite connection to the Ruta BBVA organization, which begins its trip in Spain tomorrow, traveling though Ávila, León and Galicia, heading then to Colombia in August to experience an “Adventure in the Country of Emeralds: the Magic Route of the Green Stones”. In Colombia, HISPASAT will provide the organization, expedition members and journalists with broadband Internet access via satellite and IP telephone service, allowing them to broadcast information and transmit radio and video signals from their American locations. 

This will be the 12th year that HISPASAT has accompanied the Ruta BBVA as a satellite service provider. The advanced services and technological solutions offered by the operator clearly show the advantages of satellites for transmitting information to remote areas with geographic obstacles and/or a lack of communication infrastructure. The itinerary that Ruta BBVA will follow in Colombia will lead them to some areas with these characteristics, where satellites provide the only possible solution for establishing communication. 

Aventura en el País de las Esmeraldas

For HISPASAT, the Ruta BBVA is a highly valued project, since it leads to a cultural and educational exchange and because its area of coverage is the Americas, where communications satellites play a fundamental role in reducing the digital gap in sparsely populated areas with difficult access. Because of the extensive coverage and rapid expansion of satellite technology, it has become the best solution to connect communities in any area, as remote as it may be, to the digital world and the Information Society.

Participants in the Ruta BBVA will visit the HISPASAT Control center in Arganda del Rey next Monday, July 27, to learn first-hand how telecommunications satellites work. Moreover, on August 14 the operator will give the Ruta BBVA 2015 expedition members the opportunity to directly communicate with their families from Colombia through a satellite video conference. From the HISPASAT control center family members will be able to connect with the expedition members, who will be in the Colombian city of Santa Marta.