Satnews Daily
September 4th, 2018

Trimble RTX's Survey-Grade Corrections Delivered Via Satellite Now Accurate to 2 cm.

This product, Trimble RTX provides survey-grade corrections delivered via satellite that are accurate to 2 cm.

Trimble RTX technology uses data from a global reference station network to compute high accuracy positions based on satellite orbit and clock information. And now the Trimble RTX™ GNSS corrections technology achieves horizontal accuracies of better than two centimeters with full accuracy in less than 15 minutes.

This performance is achievable using Trimble’s correction service, CenterPoint® RTX. Trimble RTX provides a performance from a satellite-delivered correction source. In addition, corrections are available via an internet or cellular connection, making it a versatile service.

With satellite-delivered Trimble RTX corrections, users can perform a variety of positioning fieldwork in some of the most remote locations and receive high-accuracy positioning data. By simply powering on an RTX-capable receiver or display, and keeping a line of sight to the sky, customers can start working quickly with only a minimal convergence period.

Trimble’s RTX network is currently available throughout the world when using Trimble RTX compatible GNSS receivers.

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