Satnews Daily
September 28th, 2018

Akash Systems' Chief Architect is Former OneWeb Satellites' CEO... Joins as They File for Experimental License with FCC

Akash Systems, Inc. of San Francisco has brought Brian Holz on board as their Chief Architect, whose expertise in directing the design and construction of satellite constellations will be invaluable. Holz joins Akash Systems just as the company has completed its critical FCC filing for an experimental license, which grants organizations the ability to conduct scientific and research missions. 

Akash Systems, Inc., focused on resolving the explosive growth of data consumption by enabling smarter and lighter satellite systems, has appointed industry leader Brian Holz as Chief Architect. Holz brings extensive space satellite experience from his work directing the design and construction of satellite constellations for leading commercial organizations.

Founders Felix Ejeckam and Ty Mitchell, focus on developing and supplying the next generation of small satellites (CubeSats), and the RF Power Amplifiers that power them. A pioneering new material, GaN-on-Diamond, is at the heart of the company’s RF technology and products.

Akash Co-founder, CEO and GaN-on-Diamond inventor Felix Ejeckam said that with competition becoming fierce in the crowded satellite industry, they recognized the need to bring the best minds to their team. A proven visionary, Brian is one of those minds, and he will bolster their systems development as they ramp up efforts to deliver next-generation RF communications links to a world that continues to demand increased connectivity.

With extensive experience in space systems engineering, program management and executive leadership, Holz will further Akash’s mission of reimagining tomorrow’s communication systems by developing the next generation of small satellites and the components that power them. He was previously Chief Executive Officer of OneWeb Satellites, and Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, O3b Networks. He brings expertise in startup management, global supply chain operations, multi-discipline team leadership and core technology development.

Khosla Ventures investor, Delian Asparouhov added that today the satellite industry is massively hindered by bandwidth constraints and Akash’s components will be game-changing for the entire industry. Brian is a key component of helping them transform communications in space.