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Current Satellite News
September 28th, 2018
Akash Systems' Chief Architect is Former OneWeb Satellites' CEO... Joins as They File for Experimental License with FCC
brings extensive space satellite experience from his work directing the design and construction of satellite constellations for major commercial organizations.
Blue Origin's BE-4 Engine Selected by United Launch Alliance to Boost the Vulcan Centaur Rocket System
The Vulcan Centaur rocket design leverages the proven success of the Delta IV and Atlas V launch vehicles while introducing advanced...
Luxembourg to be the Location for the New CubeRover Planetary Lander Developments
Astrobotic developed the CubeRover platform in partnership with Carnegie Mellon University under a NASA technology development contract at ...
Quantum Space Technologies Development Initiative Collaboration Between the UK and Singapore
The £10 million initiative between the UK and Singapore governments is to build and fly a satellite quantum key distribution (QKD) test bed. Through this collaboration...