Satnews Daily
December 14th, 2016

XipLink WANS It With Optimization Award

XipLink, Inc. has been announced as one of the Top 10 WAN Optimization solutions of 2016 by Enterprise Networking Magazine.

A distinguished panel of experts, professionals, and technology leaders—including board members of Logistics Tech Outlook—has decided that XipLink, Inc. has earned an award for “Top 10 WAN Optimization Solutions 2016.”

XipLink Optimization Software (XipOS) delivers maximum capacity over stressed wireless links through the use of advanced TCP acceleration algorithms based on the Space Communications Protocol Specification (SCPS) to completely fill fixed or dynamic wireless links. In combination with stream based data compression, caching and highly intelligent link balancing/bonding capabilities, XipOS provides customers with extraordinarily high throughput and delivers a better wireless experience with more than 30 percent faster response times for Internet and corporate data traffic.

Lena Headey, Editor-in-Chief of Enterprise Networking magazine, said, “XipLink has lived up to its mission to leverage proven network solutions, enabling operators and users to optimize available wireless bandwidth for maximum data throughput at the lowest capital cost.”

Jack Waters, the XipLink CEO, commented that through the dedication of our employees and attention to detail with customers, the XipOS software suite has matured to provide industry leadership in the most difficult "stressed" connectivity environments such as military, maritime, aviation, rural ISP and cellular backhaul markets.