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December 14th, 2016
A Smallsat Win For Nepalese Students
Two teams from Nepal participated in the competition.
NASA's Hurricane Mission Has A Hassle — Launch Delayed
This issue was discovered during routine testing Tuesday.
The Upcoming 2017 SmallSat Symposium Presents the Keynote Roundtable Participants
The SmallSat Symposium's Keynote Roundtable brings together three superb subject matter experts...
Japan Gettin' Ready For Upcoming JCSAT-15 Launch
For the second time this year, Arianespace will orbit two SSL-built satellites on the same Ariane 5 launcher.
GVF's Roundtable Revealed Now We See With A B C Of Sat Sector Expansion 
...such that by 2025 there will be a 318 percentage point growth in the number of hybrid and HTS compared to the current number.
The Powerful Over-The-Air Punch Of iDirect's iQ Series
iDirect’s ground infrastructure platform and iQ Series modem technology, combined with Intelsat EpicNG satellites, yielded a throughput rate of 5.71 bps/Hz...
G'day Mate, Here's Your SpeedMail ...SpeedCast Launches ‘SpeedMail Business Unlimited’
designed to provide maritime business continuity with predictable and fixed monthly costs, removing the fear of unexpected overage fees.
That's Some Vroon... Goes Big With KVH's Mini-VSAT Broadband™
providing crew members onboard tankers and livestock carriers daily updates of news and sports content, as well as new selections of popular movies and TV episodes.
Thuraya Really Knows How To Operate, And Proves It With This Award 
 Our approach is to innovate, disrupt and redefine, and we will always be sure to respond to changing market demands by offering ...
Cobham's Lucky Ducky With Two Ultra-Wideband Gooseneck Antennas
These antennas can be used to replace several narrow-band antennas reducing a system’s ‘antenna real estate’
Outerlink Answers Chopper's Christmas List With IRIS Solution For EC145e Helicopter
can record up to 1,000 hours of data from over 200 sources, depending on model, giving unprecedented operator insight into the operation of the aircraft.
XipLink WANS It With Optimization Award
XipLink Optimization Software (XipOS) delivers maximum capacity over stressed wireless links through the use of advanced TCP acceleration algorithms...
A Lossless Winner With LizardTech
Users of GeoExpress 9.5.3 can now convert massive Geiger-Mode point clouds directly from their native Binary Point File (BPF) format to industry-standard MrSID files without losing data.