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February 2nd, 2017

Giglio Group Launches an Italian First... Radiovision and New Trade Agreements

A unique concept, radiovision, has been launched by an Italian company, Giglio Group. 

Giglio Group (Italy Aim-Ticker GGTV), the first company in e-commerce 4.0, reveals that new important agreements at a national level, in the broadcasting and Telco sector have been signed, and they announced the "radiovision" HD channel RTL 102.5 and Radio Freccia TV have been launched via satellite. 

The first concerns the agreement with RTL 102.5 Network to launch two new channels in High Definition via satellite through Eutelsat's HOT BIRD satellites at 13 degrees East: the "radiovision" of RTL 102.5 TV HD (ch. 36 digital terrestrial and SKY ch.750) and RADIO FRECCIA HD, RADIO FRECCIA’s video version, the new RTL Group a dedicated rock channel, has been broadcasting since January on channel 258 of digital terrestrial. M-Three SatCom—the Broadcasting and Telco division of the Group—will handle the transmission of the signal via satellite of the two channels in HD.

The contracts run from the month of January 2017 and were concluded separately for each broadcaster for the three-year period, including teleport services, permanent satellite capacity and connecting services in optical fiber. The two contracts are in addition to the channels that have already been open since in 2016 for radio channels with RTL102.5, RADIOFRECCIA and the Italian Radio Zeta, already broadcasted on the M-Three platform of the Giglio Group.

Since 2012, RTL 102.5 is the first Italian radio by number of listeners (6.9 million for the first half 2016 - Audiradio data), winning the Cuffie D’Oro Award as "Network of the Year" in the category of broadcasters. Since 2007, "radiovision" offers, for the first time, the possibility to see conductors and videos of songs transmitted on the radio RTL 102.5. This formula is now replicated on RADIO FRECCIA.

Hot Bird 2 [Astrium]

Alessandro Giglio, the Giglio Group President, said, "We are very proud of the agreement with RTL 102.5, also because it is historically one of the most active radio stations in technology, able to reach users across all possible media platforms compatible with most of the media-devices. A mindset that is perfectly matched to that of our group, thanks to these new contracts which confirm the growth trend of the broadcasting and Telco division for the transition of the major TV channels in HD Standard."

Giglio Group furthermore announces that it has signed two new commercial agreements at the national level with 6MiaTV and WingaTV for the broadcasting of the SD television signal on Eutelsat's HOT BIRD satellites at 13 degrees East.

As of March 2017 6MiaTV's transmission will be activated, as a free broadcaster, established, and operated by free people which allows the user to carry out self-produced television programs which can then be transmitted on the TV and TV television circuit. The contract is for three years and, in the medium-term plan an additional three channels will be activated.

The broadcasting on SD Winga TV channel (ch.63 digital terrestrial) television platform, dedicated to online casinos, is ongoing, represented by M-Three which will handle the distribution and signal management for the next two years. Winga's concept is of combining entertainment and security, to provide opportunities for recreation and entertainment regulated by AAMS (Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli).