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February 2nd, 2017
A Thermal Design Game Changer for Smallsats
Vivek Dwivedi, a technologist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, has teamed with a couple of researchers...
GaN Gains for Advantech Wireless
The Advantech Wireless solution is designed for the most stringent environmental military standards...
Intelsat... Critical Reliable Space Communications Means Keeping World 'Always On'
So much of our regular daily lives relies on space communications, bank ATMs and gas stations, air traffic safety, smartphones and GPS...
From Maritime SATCOM Support to Football and HDTV, SES Makes Waves, Goals and Designs on HDTV
SES helps to meet the growing demand for maritime, sports and HDTV connectivity across a wide range of sectors...
Over the Indian Ocean, Meteosat-8 Now Rules...
The Meteosat-8 satellite belongs to the second generation of Meteosats and is much more capable than the first generation Meteosat-7...
Debris Cleanup Test for JAXA Cargo Craft Has Cable Difficulties
The Kounotori6 cargo transporter was initially scheduled to stretch the 700 meter long cable the same day, but was unable to do so...
Inmarsat Has the Wind Behind Their Sails as Fleet Xpress Wins SMART4SEA Excellence Award
“Securing the 2017 SMART4SEA Excellence Award 2017 rewards the hard work that went into the years of ground-breaking innovative development..."
SoftBank To Market OneWeb Services Across the Globe
The role follows SoftBank’s $1 billion investment in the OneWeb satellite project in December of 2016, part of a $1.2 billion funding round.
Fourth Annual Connectivity Event from GVF-EMP Offers Preliminary Speaker Lineup
The event, the fourth in the Connectivity series, will investigate the universal connectivity ecosystem...
Advantech's Multimillion Dollar Contract Outfits a NATO Nation with Military SATCOM Terminals
These advanced systems are the smallest fully integrated units on the market today
NSR Reports a Resurgence of MILSATCOM Capabilities Spirited by Japan's DCN-2 Satellite
players in the military and government satellite markets should ask is, "Are we finally going to see a ‘pivot to Asia’?
SolAero Technologies Stretches Its Solar Panels and Grows into a New Facility and Jobs
...this facility will contain the world’s only vertically-integrated, end-to-end satellite solar panel production capability.
Giglio Group Launches an Italian First... Radiovision and New Trade Agreements
Since 2012, RTL 102.5 is the first Italian radio by number of listeners (6.9 million for the first half 2016 - by Audiradio data)