Satnews Daily
September 19th, 2016

Newtec's Award For Ground Segment Technology Is Best Of Both Worlds

VSAT Global Award

Newtec has received an award acknowledging them for “Best Ground Segment Technology” at the VSAT Stellar Awards for its Mx-DMA® bandwidth allocation technology that combines the best of both SCPC and MF-TDMA return link technologies, eliminating the need to choose between one or the other of the two. The awards, which were presented as part of the VSAT Global event in London, recognize the key individuals and companies leading the satellite industry into the future. 

Newtec, designs, develops and manufactures equipment and technologies for satellite communications, and the Mx-DMA solution seamlessly adjusts the frequency plan, symbol rate, modulation, coding and power level for every terminal in the satellite network, every second. This flexibility allows Mx-DMA to dynamically allocate bandwidth based on real-time terminal demand, while also adapting to changing RF conditions. 

While Newtec Dialog also supports traditional SCPC and MF-TDMA return technologies, Mx-DMA provides a “best of both worlds” solution for many applications, resulting in bandwidth savings of more than 50 percent.

Supporting upload throughputs as high as 75 Mbps, Mx-DMA provides speed, efficiency and service availability and is suited for mobility, cellular backhaul, enterprise, broadcast and government applications.

Serge Van Herck, CEO of Newtec said, “We are honored to accept this award acknowledging our achievements in return link technology. By offering SCPC efficiency and MF-TDMA flexibility within one package as part of the Newtec Dialog platform, Mx-DMA is a real step forward for the industry and it is very pleasing to be recognized for this, with our customers benefitting from the advantages the technology brings.”

While accepting the award for the Newtec team, Market Director Broadband Access and Executive Director Business Development Richard Schaap stated,  “I dedicate this award to our great engineers working hard to shape the Satcom future. The biggest winners are our customers using our Mx-DMA technology.”