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Current Satellite News
September 19th, 2016
NASA's IRIS...Sun Shines Brighter For Lockheed Martin With $19 Million Contract Extension
Delivering the most detailed images of the sun’s lower atmosphere ever recorded from space...
Mowry Moves To Blue Origin—Kernisan Named As President Of Arianespace US Subsidiary
Mr. Kernisan will guide Arianespace’s customer, industry and governmental relations for this important international operation and he will also remain directly engaged in sales activities across the U.S. and Canada.
Joint 22nd Ka-Band & Broadband Communications Plus 34th AIAA International Satellite Systems Conference (ICSSC) Next Month
Fifty years have passed since the first ICSSC was held and this event will bring together a number of satellite experts to present their views.
Nanosatellite Engineering Professional Certification From KSF Space To Make A Difference
One example of an aerospace company in the US that recognizes the NEP Certificate is Interorbital Systems in California.
Algerian Space Agency's Nano Spacetrotting Days Are Getting Closer
The UK Space Agency and ASAL have enhanced collaboration in space programs.
DARPA's Multi-Purpose Imaging Sensors Thanks To Smarter Pixels
One key feature of the ReImagine program is that teams will be asked to develop software-configurable applications based on a common digital circuit and software platform.
Playing PoSSUM In The Upper Atmosphere
The program, designed by upper atmospheric scientists and former NASA astronaut instructors, is an immersive education program for high-school and undergraduate students.
Russia Plans Tourist Trips To The Moon... But It's Expensive...$150 Million 
"We are considering eight potential candidates which are ready to pay for such an expedition."
Expressions Of Interest Being Received By Norsat International
The company has not established a definitive timeline to complete this review and no decision has been reached as of this writing.
Nigerian Installers To Be Elevated By SES & CCNL
SES—with their Elevate installer training program—will now help ensure that CCNL’s customers receive the best service for the installation of their satellite reception equipment.
Historic Live Broadcast For The 67th International Astronautical Congress
An unprecedented number of people will be able to have access to the state-of-the-art knowledge shared on this premier event.
Newtec's Award For Ground Segment Technology Is Best Of Both Worlds
Mx-DMA combines the best of both SCPC and MF-TDMA return link technologies, solving the difficult choice of selecting one or the other. 
Airbus Defence and Space's Skynet 5A Satellite Makes Moves That Brings New Military Partners
will deliver highly resilient Skynet military satellite communication services notably to the Asia Pacific region, following the move of its Skynet 5A satellite to provide global X-band and UHF coverage in this region. 
Ahoy! SpeedCast Launches SpeedMail+ O'er The Waves 
...features more than 90 satellite beams consisting of global C-band, L-band, and Ku-band coverage from more than 70 satellites located in every region around the world.
Frost & Sullivan Reconnoiters The Reconnoiters
US Military Unmanned Aircraft Market is an analysis from Frost & Sullivan that is part of the Defense Growth Partnership Service program.
Protocol Emulators Make Their Appearance From GL Communications
The product involved are the firm's MAPS™ CAP  and MAPS™ INAP Protocol Emulators.