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March 11th, 2019

SmallSat Series, Communication Design, Class from AGI — Final Call for Registration

The final class in AGI's SmallSat Series, Communications Design, is going to be conducted on March 13 at 1:00 p.m., ET.


This virtual training series follows three important design aspects of designing, developing, implementing, and launching a 1U CubeSat to image and characterize active volcanoes in the United States:


  • Orbit Design
  • Solar and Power Design
  • Communications Design

In this class, registered attendees will...

  • Model an RF link between the ground station at AGI and the satellite.
  • Establish a link and telemetry budget for the mission, and model environmental losses on the RF link.


The CubeSat orbit is constrained between 0 and 90 degrees inclination and 250 to 550 km. altitude. The satellite will house an imager capable of taking images of steam emissions, airborne ash, and lava flows from the volcanoes to provide early indications of eruption. The ground station at AGI headquarters will be used to monitor and command the mission.

Register now for this class at this direct link...