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October 8th, 2012

Navidatum Limited... The Investigation Of An Iceberg (SATCOM)

[SatNews] Navidatum Limited are providing satellite-based tracking for a...

...BBC backed expedition looking at the life-cycle of an iceberg. The company has put together a Skywave M2M satellite terminal with a bespoke battery solution which needs to withstand the tough environmental conditions that will be encountered with temperatures remaining below freezing for most of the next nine months. The presence of polar bears on the iceberg is an added threat to the equipment as they may seek to play football with the terminal.

The BBC is currently making a new science expedition series called Operation Iceberg for BBC and Discovery.  It will be 2x60min and the first program is on the birth of icebergs, with filming at Store glacier in west Greenland. The second program will be based on a ship and tabular iceberg off Baffin island

The series will be shown on BBC2 in the UK, BBC iplayer (BBC’s internet TV), Discovery in the US and possibly Discovery in Canada, but sold worldwide. 
Presenters are Chris Packham, Dr. Helen Czerski (Orbit: Earth Extraordinary Journey and Horizon: Venus), Dr. Chris van Tulleken (medicine men go wild) and Andy Torbet (extreme adventure from Coast) and Doug Allan (Arctic/Antarctic Nat History cameraman).

Navidatum Director, Tim Scott Douglas, said “We are delighted to be involved in this fascinating project and relish the challenge of creating a bespoke solution to cope with the harsh environment. Working with the Inmarsat satellite constellation we have maintained excellent communications at these Northerly latitudes”

The iceberg’s latest position can be seen at www.navidatum.com.