Satnews Daily
February 29th, 2016

VSAT Terminal Alignment Using Integrasys' Satmotion Pocket Is The Newest GVF Interactive Training Course

[Satnews] GVF has released a new online, interactive training course, GVF 514: “VSAT Installation with Satmotion Pocket,” developed by SatProf in collaboration with Integrasys.

In the new online training course, technicians learn how to correctly install, configure, and use the Integrasys Satmotion Pocket system to align a VSAT antenna.  Simulators enable the student to operate a virtual Satmotion system, observing real-time spectrum analyzer, as they adjust the controls on a 3-D antenna model.  GVF 514 builds on the knowledge and skills the technician has learned in course GVF 510, Core Skills for VSAT Installers.
The Satmotion Pocket system, a combination of smartphone/PC app and special hub equipment, enables VSAT field technicians to perform cross-pol alignment, compression tests, site planning, and other critical tasks at any time, without requiring intervention from the Satellite Access Center or even a working phone connection.

GVF 514 is now available through in the GVF training catalog at the GVF Training Website. GVF’s “Andrew Werth Scholarship” discount for Developing Country and UN/NGO students applies. In addition, GVF 514 is included at no additional charge for GVF Knowledge Center subscribers. New and existing students can enroll in the subscription program through the GVF Training Website.
During SATELLITE 2016, David Hartshorn of GVF and Alvaro Sanchez of Integrasys will discuss the new training course during the “Can Big Data Tackle Satellite Interference Challenges?” conference panel on Wednesday, March 9th, from 2:15 to 3:15 p.m. in Room Annapolis 1-2.  Members of the GVF training and Integrasys teams and will also be available to meet with partners and customers attending the conference at the GVF booth at #2138 and the Integrasys booth at #118.
For complete information on the GVF certification training program, visit the GVF Training Website.

Integrasys has consistently shown commitment to interference reductions and practical support for worldwide community of VSAT installers,” said David Hartshorn, Secretary General of GVF. “We are pleased to incorporate Satmotion specialist training into the Satcom Professional certification training program.”
Satmotion Pocket is an excellent tool for accelerating VSAT installation productivity while enforcing interference prevention,” said Ralph Brooker, President, SatProf.  “A well-trained field technician can interpret the real-time spectrum of the uplink test carrier at the monitoring station, as well as data from the local modem, to rapidly align antennas for minimum cross-pol and adjacent satellite interference.  This also reduces the burden on the satellite operators’ access centers for processing telephone calls for routine carrier line-ups.”
GVF is the number one provider of installer training, allowing students to be trained on Satmotion anytime, anywhere.  We believe that training is a must for minimizing interference and deploying systems more effectively,” said Alvaro Sanchez, Sales and Marketing Director of Integrasys.