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June 2nd, 2016

Keysight Technologies Lets It Flow... Gen 3 Improves Data Streaming... Doubles System Bandwidth

Double your system bandwidth for multi-channel and multi-chassis test systems with the Gen 3 technology in the M9019A PXIe 18-slot chassis. Boost performance of high data test applications such as 5G, MIMO and electronic warfare.

Doubling the system bandwidth, the new products improve data streaming for capture/playback applications, such as 5G and electronic warfare.

Keysight Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: KEYS) announces a Gen 3 PXIe chassis and set of Gen 3 system components designed for complex, high-performance applications.

The Gen 3 products also provide a platform for large multi-channel and multi-chassis PXIe test systems for applications, such as MIMO and PA/FEM.

The products include an 18-slot PXIe chassis with x8 Gen 3 PCIe links to each slot, a set of single and dual-port Gen 3 PXIe system modules and PC host cards, and an improved PXIe embedded controller, now capable of Gen 3 performance.

The M9019A Gen 3 PXIe 18-slot chassis provides a high-performance system platform with a number of improvements including:

  • Gen 3 backplane with an x8 PCIe link to each slot and x24 (two-link) system slot
  • Two front panel SMB trigger ports providing access to PXI Trig (0:7)
  • One-button power control for multi-chassis power sequencing for large configurations
  • New power supply with more power for PXIe modules

Get up to 16 GB/s system bandwidth to an external PC with PXIe system modules and PC host adapters designed for both performance and system configuration flexibility.

A series of PXIe system modules and PC host adapters designed for performance and system configuration flexibility support the new M9019A chassis. Together they provide up to 16 GB/s system bandwidth to an external PC, an industry first.

Developed for Gen 3 PC slots, the M9048B and M9049A PC host adapters provide a connection between PC and chassis that is up to x16. Users also can configure the M9049A to provide x8 links to two chassis—either AXIe or PXIe.

The M9022A and M9023A PXIe host modules are used to establish up to a x16 Gen 3 link to the chassis. The M9023A is easily re-configured for daisy-chaining and provides a Gen 3 x8 link between chassis. The M9024A PXI system modules adds I/O connectivity with a single cable connection to the host PC.

The M9037A PXIe high performance embedded controller is now qualified for Gen 3 PXIe backplane performance when used in the M9019A chassis. This enables system designers to fully benefit from the improved backplane speed of the chassis.

“Our customers, particularly in electronic warfare, 5G, MIMO and PA/FEM, face an ever-growing need for more measurement bandwidth,” said Mario Narduzzi, Keysight Communication Solutions Group marketing manager. “The high-bandwidth communications backplane in the Gen 3 PXI platform enables them to build high-performance test systems to meet these needs.”

Keysight’s rapid repair turnaround, with accurate calibration, core exchange strategy and standard three-year warranty, maximizes system uptime thereby reducing the total cost of ownership. 

Additional information about Keysight’s PXIe chassis and controllers is available at