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April 4th, 2017

SpaceX Goes Saharan... Falcon 9 to Launch GiSAT-1 Bringing Internet to 800 Million

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket will help complete a major milestone towards expanding Internet services across Sub-Saharan Africa, that will assist both consumers and businesses.

SpaceX will launch GiSAT-1 into its trajectory for geostationary orbit off the west coast of Africa, scheduled for Q4 2018. GiSAT-1 will have a mission life of 15 years.

Emil Youssefzadeh, co-founder of Global-IP, said, “Our agreement with SpaceX marks the completion of another major milestone towards getting our innovative service platform operational to serve a growing market with lagging Internet penetration.” 

Mr. Youssefzadeh noted, “Global-IP’s first HTS will cover areas across Sub-Saharan Africa with a combined population of over 800 million people. We envision our investment in this project will increase the Internet penetration across the region and contribute significantly to the economic growth of all the countries we will serve.”

Global-IP is incorporated in the Cayman Islands, with operations in California and Dubai. The company’s vision is to be the catalyst in creating a paradigm shift on how the Internet is accessed and used in Africa.  http://www.goglobalip.com