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June 25th, 2015

Globalstar Fires Up Botswana's Gateway w/ Simplex Satellite Coverage...African Businesses Benefit + More

[SatNews] Globalstar, Inc. (NYSE MKT: GSAT) today announced that its gateway in Gaborone, Botswana has gone live, enabling Globalstar to deliver affordable simplex coverage over the African continent. This new gateway, in partnership with Broadband Botswana Internet (BBi), provides Globalstar’s full line of simplex services, including its SPOT portfolio of affordable personal tracking and life-saving solutions.

Much of the African continent has limited terrestrial and/or mobile infrastructure. In these regions in particular, Globalstar’s satellite services, which leverage the industry’s only complete next generation satellite constellation in orbit, provide a compelling must-have solution for seamless tracking of people and assets. The Globalstar network enables professional, corporate and government users to monitor vital infrastructure, taking advantage of the capabilities of M2M and the emerging Internet of Things (IoT). Globalstar simplex solutions can also enhance the effectiveness of life-saving emergency first responder services.

A wide range of Africa-based commercial and government users, as well as consumers, can now take advantage of Globalstar’s new blanket simplex coverage:

  • Oil & gas providers operating in Africa can benefit from precise, time and resource-saving solutions from the M2M-based, SmartOne product line. Remote workers in remote areas on land or offshore, can keep head office, customers, family and friends abreast of their location with SPOT Gen3®. It also provides a one-touch lifeline in an emergency.
  • African mining, construction and engineering companies can help safeguard staff and equipment even in the most remote areas of the continent with SPOT Gen3 and SPOT Trace and SmartOne products.
  • Commercial trucking companies can more accurately track and monitor their fleets with SmartOne from Globalstar. At the core of SmartOne is a vibration sensor that alerts owners to any motion, such as attempts of theft. The device not only relays a vehicle’s location accurately, but it can dynamically report engine runtime and monitor faults, both of which can significantly enhance operating efficiency.
  • Farmers in Africa can monitor their valuable livestock with Globalstar-enabled tracking collars including FindMyAnimal. Animals can be tracked wherever they roam, helping to protect against theft and mitigating the risks of natural predators. The collars can also help farmers understand the grazing locations of far-flung herds. Globalstar-enabled tracking collars are being used to protect livestock throughout Northern and Central Africa. Now farmers everywhere in Africa can benefit.
  • Animal preservation agencies can better help ensure the survival and welfare of Africa’s many endangered species by using Globalstar-powered wildlife tracking solutions provided by Globalstar’s VAR partners. Globalstar’s small, rugged devices are being used to monitor several elephant herds in North Africa. With the Botswana teleport now live, scientists and preservation professionals across Africa can gain a better understanding of migration patterns and animal behaviour which will lead to more effective conservation.
  • Local and National Governments of Africa will be able to leverage the Globalstar satellite constellation to better safeguard military and other first responder personnel even in areas beyond cellular.

For consumers, sportspeople and adventurers, the SPOT Gen3 safety device can summon help with the touch of a button. It also gives family and friends peace of mind with the ability to track the user’s route. Since 2007, SPOT has been responsible for over 3,500 rescues worldwide. Plus, SPOT Trace provides leading satellite-enabled anti-theft protection for cars, motorcycles, boats, ATVs or any other valuable item a consumer may want to keep tabs on. Intelligent motion sensors alert the user of any unexpected movement. SPOT Trace is small, rugged, waterproof and easy to conceal – and can make all the difference in safeguarding valuable possessions. 

“Expanding our service throughout Africa demonstrates Globalstar’s ongoing commitment to making our technology globally accessible,” said Jay Monroe, Chairman and CEO of Globalstar. “We see this region as a significant growth opportunity for our low cost satellite solutions. For the first time, people and industries in this burgeoning region will have access to affordable satellite solutions for personal and asset tracking and we look forward to working with BBi to making our technology available to more people and businesses across Africa.”