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January 12th, 2012

RRsat's HOTBIRD™ Boasts The Capacity To Cover Many Needs

[SatNews] If you are in need of capacity this may be the Bird for you...  

RRsat offers you capacity right now on HOTBIRD™ satellites, for very attractive prices. The HOTBIRD video neighborhood hosts 13 premium platforms, over 600 pay-TV channels, 500 free-to-air channels and over 100 HDTV channels. In addition to broadcasting television services, the system provides over 500 radio stations, and multimedia services, over the same wide coverage area.

The HOTBIRD™ satellites at 13 degrees East provide full coverage of Europe and the Middle East, and also parts of Africa and Asia. This is the prime position in Europe for reception of consumer television and radio. Direct-To-Home reception in beam center is possible with antennae smaller than 70 cm, and with slightly larger antennas, throughout Europe, North Africa and as far East as Moscow and Dubai.

There are 630 TV & radio channels already distributed via the RRsat Global Network on more than 40 MCPC satellite platforms and through RRsat's fiber network.