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December 31st, -0001

Vislink's Market Widens With Russian Federation's Stamp Of Approval

L1500 transmitter
[SatNews] Some of their products have passed muster according to the Russian Federation's specifications.

Russian Federation law requires the certification of a broad range of products prior to entry to its marketplace. By obtaining certification a manufacturer can prove that its product has met established national quality standards and may therefore gain ready access to the market.

The LINK wireless camera systems are leaders in the field of sports broadcasting and are used daily around the world to bring everything from football to motorsport to the screen. The camera systems' swappable RF modules and proprietary LMS-T, as well as standard DVB-T modulation schemes enable these systems to be used for a vast number of events.

Newswift antenna
ADVENT's SATCOM antennas are used by a number of major broadcasters for their OB operations. The ADVENT FlyDrive antenna in particular can be used as either a flyaway or vehicle mounted system, giving maximum flexibility.

VISLINK Marketing Operations Manager Mark Anderson said, "The Russian broadcast industry has been expanding in recent years and the awarding of the 2014 Winter Olympics will further boost the need and desire for high end HD broadcast products. Our wireless camera systems and SATCOM equipment have been enabling major broadcasters to cover the highest calibre sports and news events for many years and the vast Russian broadcast market can now benefit from the latest in our tried and tested technology."

With this certification now in place VISLINK and its new Russian distributor, Satcast, based in Moscow, are well positioned to take advantage of the major opportunities opening up in the Russian market.