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March 11th, 2015

L-3 Communication Systems-West Gets The Nod For Nodes From Laser Light™ Communications For New Global Commercial Satellite System

[SatNews] L-3 Communication Systems-West (L-3 CS-West) has been selected by Laser Light™ Communications, LLC (Laser Light™) to be the prime contractor in providing its StarEdge™Ground Node Systems for Laser Light’s SpaceCable™network, the first all-optical commercial satellite system with a global hybrid communications infrastructure. SpaceCable combines the power of satellites with the power of free space optics (“lasers”) to transmit data at rates 100 times faster than conventional radio frequency (RF) satellite systems. L-3’s innovations will allow SpaceCable to deliver fiber-equivalent bandwidth connections while maintaining carrier-grade performance with low operating costs. The all-optical network is scheduled for deployment in late 2017.

The network connections that L-3 CS-West will provide for the program, referred to as Global Access Circuits™, enable direct communications to over 100 Points of Presence (PoPs) around the globe and will be seamlessly integrated with today’s ground service networks. L-3’s advanced networking technology also manages multiple StarEdge ground node locations to eliminate slowdowns from network congestion, outages or potential weather interruptions, ensuring dependable customer communications equivalent to global carrier services.

L-3’s extensive experience in the development, integration and deployment of large-scale, complex telecommunications systems makes it the ideal partner to deliver the next breakthrough in high-bandwidth global communications—Laser Light’s SpaceCable service,” said Robert Brumley, CEO of Laser Light Communications. “L-3’s StarEdge units are planned to be the key point of integration between Laser Light’s Optical Satellite System and its global terrestrial network, intended to ensure seamless connectivity and network management between the two.”

“We are pleased to be teamed with Laser Light to provide a truly groundbreaking capability for worldwide communications. L-3’s unique blend of enabling technologies and large-scale design experience, including satellite systems, terrestrial infrastructure and laser communications, provides unmatched value to Laser Light,” added Andrew Ivers, president of L-3 CS-West. “Our L-3 Selected to Be Prime Ground Node Contractor for Laser Light’s™ New Global Commercial Satellite System role in SpaceCable also benefits our valued military customers as they consider laser technology for advanced wireless networking applications.”

Laser Light’s all-optical network, with no service dependency on the congested radio frequency spectrum, will deliver six terabits per second of global communications system bandwidth. L-3’s StarEdge Ground Node System enables SpaceCable to be fully integrated with the existing global terrestrial and submarine fiber telecommunications infrastructure of carriers, enterprises, governments and virtual private networks.