Satnews Daily
September 16th, 2010

ViaSat's New Software Knows How To LinkWay(S2) Over Yonder

[SatNews] ViaSat Inc. (NASDAQ: VSAT) released software enhancements for its LinkWayS2™ satellite network system that adds mobile communication capabilities and network control center operating system options. This new software release, available for all fielded LinkWayS2 systems, provides new features for communications-on-the-move (COTM) and gives users the option of operating the LinkWayS2 Network Control Center (NCC) using either a Linux-based or a traditional Solaris®-based operating system. The majority of LinkWay S2 modems used in U.S. DoD networks are expected to transition to the v9.2 software over the next few months.

The new LinkWay S2 system features complement the ViaSat global, ArcLight®-based Yonder® mobile service by adding mobility for full mesh networks, and provides customers with another mobile system option to fit their individual applications, network traffic requirements, and host platforms.

The LinkWayS2 system is the preferred choice of military tactical command and control satcom networks and is used in a variety of programs, including WIN-T, SNAP, RHN, DKET, SWAN, and numerous others. For these applications, the direct terminal-to-terminal connections of the LinkWayS2 system provide better operational flexibility compared to hub-spoke satellite systems. In numerous, concurrent at-the-halt and on-the-move network demonstrations, the full-mesh LinkWayS2 system has proven its superior performance compared to other MF-TDMA systems in terms of latency, jitter performance, and throughput rates. Coupled with its DVB-S2 overlay feature, customers can benefit from the fastest and most flexible IP satellite network available.

“Our large installed base of customers using LinkWay S2 can now incorporate mobile nodes into their networks. This software update is available to fielded LinkWayS2 modems via an over-the-air upgrade. We are continually working to add valuable new features through software upgrades so customers avoid the costs and logistics of replacing hardware in the field,” said Phil Chacon, director of the C4I Satcom business segment at ViaSat.

The LinkWayS2 modem represents the latest generation of LinkWay system in a strong lineage of LinkWay modem products, offering backwards compatibility with legacy modems, and also forward looking capabilities and features that the U.S. DoD desires, including DoD-approved TRANSEC, increased transmission throughput rates, and advanced modulation and Forward Error Correction using open standards-based turbo codes.