Satnews Daily
November 17th, 2016

GEE, Saudia Sees SKYfi Streaming Across Its Aircraft

Saudia (Saudi Arabian Airlines) has signed with Global Eagle Entertainment (GEE) to provide premium streaming content across its fleet of 20 A330 and 30 A320 aircraft. To accomplish this task GEE is partnering with KID-Systeme, a subsidiary of Airbus, to deploy a new wireless IFE platform for Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia).

GEE is the technology partner for KID-Systeme’s SKYfi Club platform, which has been selected by Saudia to provide the content streaming as linefit across its fleet of 20 A330 and 30 A320 aircraft. With up to 50 Airbus aircraft to be equipped with the now branded “SAUDIA SKYfi,” GEE will enable millions of passengers each year to stream movies, e-books, magazines and TV shows onto their own personal devices.

GEE’s wireless entertainment is the application-based solution for KID-Systeme’s SKYfi platform, including IFE portal and back-end integration with the aircraft’s server, data management, content workflow and support. It is linefit certified by Airbus as part of the KID-Systeme cabin electronics suite.

Walé Adepoju, executive vice president, media and content, for GEE said “KID-Systeme was among the first original equipment manufacturers to benefit from GEE’s agnostic approach to deliver the most advanced products and services to the IFE community. Together, we have crafted a unique wireless content streaming capability that leverages KID-Systeme’s position in cabin electronics and GEE’s extensive family of mobile applications and content expertise.”

“The Saudia deployment is a groundbreaking milestone and proof of success for KID-Systeme,” said Patrick Schrot, CEO, KID-Systeme GmbH. “Equipped with an advanced inflight mediatainment system, Saudia will sustain their high technical standards and enrich passengers’ travel, comfort and satisfaction with a unique and individual entertainment experience.”

The first aircraft delivery to Saudia took place in August 2016, and the SKYfi systems are currently being linefit installed on Saudi’s A330 aircraft.