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November 25th, 2014

MilSatCom Middle East & Africa...Sign Up for Early Bird Discount...Before it's Bye Bye Birdie

[SatNews] The event will boast a tailored program based on current issues across MilSatCom covered by a series of internationaI speakers.

Third Annual MilSatCom Middle East & Africa, 23rd-24th February in Abu Dhabi. There is an early bird for those who book by Friday, November 28th to save £100.

MilSatCom Middle East & Africa is a two-day conference designed to meet the satellite communications needs of military, government and agencies within the Middle East. The event will discuss the latest developments taking place within the region and the latest technologies in the SatCom industry while boasting a series of international speakers alongside representatives from the Middle East and Africa. Click here for further information. 

The event will boast a tailored program based on current issues across MilSatCom covered by a series of internationaI speakers. In addtion to having representatives from the Middle East, the conference will have African representation too as we explore the challenges of using satcom across difficult terrain. We will also be hearing from nations outside the region sharing their experiences as end-users and the latest technologies in the satcom industry.

Sponsored by: Comtech EF Data and O3B Networks

The half day workshop focuses on:

Satellite Interference? The Technology & Tools

Hosted by: Martin Coleman, Executive Director, Satellite IRG
In association with Arabsat, Eutelsat and Siemens. Held on 22nd February 2015

The workshop describes the technology and tools used to mitigate interference through commercial sector initiatives and will explore how interference is managed and reduced with special attention to Intentional Interference. Presenters from the IRG, Arabsat, Eutelsat and Siemens will look at the challenges posed by this important issue in the MENA region, identify current and potential solutions, describe what is being done within the satellite community to ensure that robust satellite communications can be sustained as services rapidly expand. 

The event will feature the following key presentations:

—Host Nation Keynote Address—Ali Al Hashemi, YahService General Manager, Yahsat

—Tanzania People’s Defence Forces Update—Colonel AS Kattala, Tanzania People's Defence Forces

—South African Defence Force's SatCom Update—Colonel Thabo Ntoni, Senior Staff Officer Product Systems Management of the Command
    and Management Information Systems Division, South African National Defence Force (SANDF)

—Use of DubaiSat-2 and its application—Saeed Al Mansoori, Senior Engineer, EIAST (Emirates Institution for Advanced Science &

—MilSatCom in the Ghana Armed Forces: The Strategic Roadmap—Colonel Atogeba Alobawone, Director Communication, Directorate of
    Defence Communication and Information Systems, Ghana Armed Forces

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