Satnews Daily
December 20th, 2016

Land-Mobile Market Via Satellite Report Published By NSR

The Land-Mobile market is replete with intricacies... to assist those within these market segments wend their way through this field of comms technologies, NSR has released their Land-Mobile Via Satellite, 4th Edition (LMvS4) report.

LMvS4 assesses the latest developments and evaluates trends in demand by region and globally and offers the widest range of analysis and forecasts for in-service units, equipment and service revenues, along with capacity demand for land-mobile satellite-based mobility. This report takes an in-depth look at land-mobile services and offers a complete assessment of commercial bandwidth and capacity demand for all regions over the next ten years. Key questions that are addressed include...

  • What key trends are driving the land-mobile via satellite markets?
  • Which new form factor/s will be deployed?
  • Which markets are seeing the most uptake?
  • Will next-generation satellite constellation products change the industry?
  • What are the drivers in usage affecting the market?
  • Which type of service presents the most growth between MSS, FSS and HTS solutions?
  • What will be the impact of GEO and non-GEO HTS satellites on the market?
  • Will there be more demand from the connected land vehicles (cars, railways and trucks)?
  • What is the market share of operators for the MSS market and the traditional satellite handset business?
  • How will voice and data communications services fare across all markets?
  • What are the new and untapped mobility opportunities?
  • How much satellite capacity demand will there be across all regions over the next decade?
  • Bottom Line: How does NSR see the Land-Mobile via Satellite market evolving in the next 10 years for each region and for each market segment?

To learn more about this report, please access this direct link...