Satnews Daily
September 1st, 2010

VISLINK Launches The Advent Of A NewsLite (SatCom)

[SatNews] VISLINK News and Entertainment announces the unveiling of the new Advent NewsLite at IBC 2010. NewsLite is a portable, IP-enabled SatCom terminal designed for use with current and new lightweight antenna systems. This modular solution combines the performance of high bandwidth broadcast contribution feeds with the flexibility of BGAN type news gathering and creates new remote connectivity applications.

"NewsLite is highly configurable and more versatile than traditional suitcase and manpack solutions, and will significantly reduce operating costs," said VISLINK Director of Product Marketing Ashley Dove.

"NewsLite includes the latest enhancements to our Advanced Mobile Gateway functionality to enable high speed Internet access and two-way office network extension into the field; while IP-over-ASI means more bandwidth efficient file transfer over satellite."

NewsLite's ergonomic design is IATA weight compliant for airport baggage handling and its modular electronics support a broad range of satellite antennas. The system on display at IBC will introduce a cost effective "two box" sub 23 kg solution when combined with the 1m Advent Mantis antenna.