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February 2nd, 2010

atrexx — Offers Satellite First Aid Assistance With Anomaly To Restart IS-4

A picture of the Aflenz Teleport used to uplink to IS-4
atrexx, a specialist provider of telecommunications and broadcast solutions, is offering to restore the services of Intelsat-4 customers after the satellite experienced an anomaly resulting in the switching off of the communication payload to conserve battery power. Intelsat is working to resolve the problem.

The anomaly occurred at approximately 00.18 GMT on 1 February 2010 in the Satellite Central Processing (SCP) unit. This unit is the redundant SCP that has been in operation since 1998 when the primary SCP failed. Intelsat is working to re-start both primary and redundant SCPs but without success so far. Boeing, the manufacturer of IS-4, is currently assessing whether there is any correlation between the failure of the primary SCP and redundant SCP. If the failure has a similar signature, it could be unlikely that the satellite will be recovered. The satellite is due to reach its end-of-life this year, and Intelsat has already planned a replacement to take over services.

In the interim, atrexx is offering customers affected by the anomaly the opportunity for quick recovery of services. The IS-4 footprint is widespread, covering a vast area from Europe to Africa to India and the Far East.

"This satellite was previously a PanAmSat spacecraft, and very specific in its coverage" said Jean-Claude Bisenius, Managing Director of atrexx. "There are some regions that were receiving services from IS-4 that will be unable to recover them using a single antenna. To do this will require multiple antennas and multiple satellites".

atrexx is currently working to restore services to their affected customers from the Aflenz Teleport in Austria, where the company has uplinked to the IS-4 satellite. atrexx can therefore provide the same solutions for any additional customers that have been hit. atrexx can provide a fast switchover for IS-4 customers with a smooth transition due to Force Majeure, where both parties are free from their contractual obligations.

"We can offer those customers presently without connectivity the opportunity to retrieve their SCPC, iDirect and LinkStar services through one of the largest European teleports with more than 40 available antennas" continued Mr. Bisenius. "We acknowledge that discontinuation of satellite connectivity is an inconvenience, and we would like to assure customers that we will facilitate a speedy restoration of service with the continued support of atrexx professionals. We look forward to assisting those customers that require our services".