Satnews Daily
February 16th, 2015

Globecast's Company-Wide Reorg Takes It Up A Notch...Becomes Fully Integrated Media Solutions Provider

[SatNews] There are difficult reorganizations that cut back on a company due to financial issues, and then there are companies that regroup because the company is thriving and needs to take it 'up a notch', such as this company.

Globecast has today announced that it has completed a company-wide reorganization in order to enhance its position as a fully integrated media solutions provider, operating in a truly unified manner across all its territories and addressing the changing needs of its customers. 

Olivier Barberot Chairman & CEO Globecast Group

Olivier Barberot, Globecast CEO, said, “Globecast has expanded tremendously since its inception, and seen enormous success with its satellite and fiber services. We have listened to our customers and closely examined the next phase of our development using their responses and our market expertise.”

This is an important milestone in the move from teleport operator and satellite services provider to an integrated, global media solutions company. Powered by the ongoing launch of Media Factories around the world, Globecast is building on these strong foundations to deliver an end-to-end solution offering. 

With Media Factory, Globecast has rationalized existing workflows to create a single, efficient process; the company can handle everything from content preparation, formatting, quality control, to creative services and compliance review and editing, in addition to existing contribution, playout and distribution services. 

Broadcasters and media companies—whatever their size—are having to respond to evolving consumer viewing habits, and Globecast is perfectly positioned to help them take advantage of new market opportunities.  Globecast continues to supply market-leading contribution and distribution services, using its unrivalled global connectivity, be that satellite or fiber, easy-to-access PoPs that are strategically positioned, as well as channel packaging and marketing services via its strong relationships with TV platforms around the world. 

Barberot added, “The primary concern for our customers is how to generate new revenue opportunities from their existing content or channels or drive new channel launches—it’s all about the bottom line. This is something that we have always understood and we will keep providing customers with greater access to our expertise.“