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May 30th, 2016

VSAT Global Conference Heading Into 18th Year In London

In a few months time, the satellite community will be gathering in London from September 13 to 16,2016, for the 18th annual VSAT Global conference, in partnership with Comsys and GVF.

With the main conference agenda signing off shortly, here are some of the key topics that will be covered...

  • Susan Bull, Senior Consultant, COMSYS
  • Rolf Berge, CTO, Harris Caprock
  • Ronald van der Breggen, Chief Commercial Officer at LeoSat
  • Robert Bell, Executive Director, SSPI and WTA
  • Eduardo Donatelli, CTO, TRIO Connect
  • Jay Bloom, Director of Engineering, OneWeb
  • Morten Hagland Hansen, SVP - Business Services & CTO, RigNet
  • Nigel Gibson, Director, Gibson Professional Search
  • Emil Regard, Managing Director, BlueTide Communications Corporation
  • Christopher Baugh, President at Northern Sky Research

This years agenda will include topics such as...

  • The impact of HTS on the Global Satellite Industry
  • Technical Improvements to Satellite and VSAT Design
  • Are We on the Edge of a Global Capacity Oversupply Scenario?
  • Antenna Innovations that will Enable New Services
  • Innovative Future Technologies for the Satellite Industry: LEO, High Altitude Platforms, Loon
  • How will Satellite be used in the 5G Environment
  • Delivering Consumer Broadband via VSAT
  • The Evolving Role of Satellite Backhaul
  • Improving Mobility: Maritime, Aeronautical
  • Connecting the Unconnected: Broadband to the People

For additional information and registration, please visit vsatevent.com/