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March 15th, 2018

Globalsat Group and Cobham PTT Tech Win Prestigious MSUA Award

Globalsat Group CEO J. Alberto Palacios accepted the Top Land Mobility Satcom Innovation Award from the Mobile Satellite Users Association (MSUA) at the Satellite 2018 exhibition and conference in the Walter E Washington Convention Center, Washington DC (March 12-15, 2018).

Globalsat Group and partner Cobham SATCOM receive the Top Land Mobility Satcom Innovation Award from the MSUA at Satellite 2018.

This prestigious and highly significant award was presented at Satellite 2018’s MSUA Mobility Satellite Innovation Awards Luncheon on Tuesday, March 13 and recognizes the vital importance of Globalsat, a Cobham SATCOM partner, in helping to safely and economically co-ordinate the building and maintenance of Brazil’s North-South Railway. A key element in the success of the project has been Globalsat’s deployment of Cobham SATCOM’s EXPLORER 325 PTT (Push-to-Talk) system.

The EXPLORER PTT system combines dependable global L-band satellite technology and least-cost routing for automatic switching between SATCOM, LTE and Land Mobile Radio without user intervention. By integrating all available radio, SATCOM and mobile links, the system significantly extends communications reach, providing high-quality voice and data coverage – including in radio blackspots – and will automatically provide users with the best-quality, lowest-cost channel.

Already being used to demonstrable effect by, among other end-users, Queensland Ambulance Service and a South American electricity distribution company, the EXPLORER PTT has again proved exceptionally beneficial in the context of developing Brazil’s North-South Railway. Valec Operations, the organization responsible for building, maintaining and operating the route, approached Globalsat do Brasil for a satellite-based telemetry and voice solution after finding that its activities were consistently hampered by unreliable communications. As Bruno Fontoura of Valec remarked, “The control centre facility in the past couldn’t get feedback on where the maintenance vehicles were, or what they were doing.”

Igor Falcão, Senior Vice-President Sales – Latin America, Globalsat Group, observed that there are two key elements to the solution. The GPS allows the control center to see where the cars are and what they are doing on the field, and the Push-to-Talk radios that allow the drivers to keep real-time communication with the control centre, making the operation safe and secure.

Globalsat Group CEO J. Alberto Palacios said the company is honored to receive this accolade, which is indicative of how directly effective Globalsat’s intervention in Brazil’s North-South Railway project has been. Cobham SATCOM’s trustworthy EXPLORER PTT system has once again confirmed its versatility and practicality, and it is extremely rewarding to be able to confirm that all of the operations connected to this rail route are now operating more smoothly and safely, leading to a number of operational, safety and economic benefits.