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October 18th, 2016

Providing Satellite Transponder Market Share & Revenues Analysis Is A New Report From The Insight Partners

Providing a detailed overview of the major factors that are impacting the global market for satellite transponders is a new report from The Insight Partners.

Entitled Satellite Transponder Market to 2025: Trends, Business Strategies and Opportunities with Key Players Analysis, this report also provides market share analysis and the revenues of various sub segments.

As most are aware, a communications satellite’s transponder is an array of interconnected units which form a communications channel among the receiving and the transmitting signals, mostly used in satellite communication for transferring the received signals.

A single satellite contains about 15 to 35 transponders. The signals transferred from Earth to the satellite are received at low power level because of the huge distance between the satellite and the transmitter. The satellite transponders are designed to function at different range of frequency for distinct transponders to amplify the received low power signals. The high power amplifiers in the transponders take the function of amplification. These amplified signals are then sent back or re-transmitted back to Earth through a satellite.

The demand for satellite transponders is continuously responding to the rising growth of new Ku-band frequencies subscribers. Ku-band frequency is mainly used for data, video and voice communications and, therefore, is the most preferred frequency. Furthermore, the rising adoption of Ka-band frequency to achieve high-bandwidth communication and broadcasting has also driven the growth of the global satellite transponders market. Subscriber updates is also a factor for the propelling the growth of this market. The progress in sectors of application such as in-flight communications, machine to machine (M2M) and maritime broadband have also been enhancing the growth of global satellite transponders market. The anticipated modification and growth in applications in the near future can be expected to further drive the market.

The global satellite transponder market is segmented by bandwidth into K-, Ka-, Ku-, C- and others. Also, the market is divided by application into navigation, commercial communications, remote sensing, government communications, R&D and others. Furthermore, this market is segmented on the basis of service includes maintenance & support, leasing and others.

The global satellite transponder market is also segmented by region into North America, APAC, Europe, South America and Middle East & Africa (MEA). Ku-band is the maximum utilized frequency band and has the largest share in the market in terms of revenue. These are mostly used for industrial satellite communications, i.e., voice broadcast and direct broadcast, among others. However, factors such as competition from fiber optic transmission cable networks and high capital required for investment acts as restraints hindering the growth of global satellite transponder market.

The North American region dominates the global market of satellite transponder owing to widespread necessity for reliable and secure satellite-based communication used in DTH, video distribution, broadband accesses and others. The second largest holder of the global market share for satellite transponder is APAC. Though, major growth is anticipated in the Middle East & Africa and South America due to increase in demand for high definition to replace standard definition offerings, direct-to-home satellite TV, need for secure communications for defense and military and the broadcast industry.

Eutelsat Communications S.A, Hispasat, SES S.A., Embratel Star One, Singapore Telecommunication Limited, Thaicom Public Company Limited, Intelsat S.A., SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation, Arabsat, and Telesat Canada are among the chief industry players of the global satellite transponder market.

The report provides qualitative and qualitative insights about growth rates, key market shares and factors driving the market drivers for all segments. The report highlights the growth rates and market sizes of various segment and highlights the sections expected to experience high growth rate in various geographic segments. The report also consist of company profiles of the market leaders and various players in the Satellite Transponder Market. These company profiles include product portfolios, market developments, financial performances and SWOT analysis for each company. The report also offers a competitive landscape of the Satellite Transponder Market.

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