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May 18th, 2016

ETL Systems Lists CommunicAsia As The Highlight Of Their Year With New RF Products 

CommunicAsia is looming closer every day,  and with it comes many new product announcements. ETL Systems lists CommunicAsia as the highlight of their year, as they will be presenting new technologies shown below.

ETL Systems, designer and manufacturer of RF equipment for satellite communications, is showcasing its new technologies in RF distribution at this year’s CommunicAsia at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Visitors can find ETL, and product demonstrations at stand 1V3-03. 

ETL has designed new functionality and increased benefits into a series of products, including reliability in its StingRay RF over Fiber range which now includes redundancy configurations, and a solution for compact single links with a standalone component module. While new Dextra L-band splitter and combiner models now include options with integrated DC & 10MHz pass.

Also on display will be ETL’s compact 128x128 Vulcan L-band Switch Matrix/Router and Alto variable gain line amplifiers. The Vulcan offers excellent RF performance and benefits from reduced power consumption and resilience from hot-swap components and in-service expansion.  The Alto series of amplifiers offset signal loss from long runs of cables by providing variable gain for flexibility; in a hot-swap chassis, with redundancy configurations available.

Sales Director and Head of Marketing Andrew Bond will be among ETL representatives at the event to demonstrate the full range of ETL’s products and explain the benefits they can bring to teleports. 

“CommunicAsia is consistently a highlight of our year at ETL and we are delighted to be back with new technologies for 2016,” said Bond. “The Far-East is a very important region for us and we look forward to meeting with both existing and future customers to discuss their individual RF needs and help find a solution that is designed to fit their exact specifications. We specialize in custom build solutions and our products are produced to the highest specification. We look forward to showing delegates what can be achieved with their RF line-up through the use of ETL products.”

With 25 years’ experience in designing award-winning equipment dedicated in-house engineers specialize in originating innovative RF design concepts and enhancing existing products. 

New StingRay RF over fiber range

Building on ETL’s existing RF expertise, the new range provides a unique design for high isolation applications. The range incorporates single mode fiber links to transmit and receive RF signals up to 55km with remote control and monitoring of temperature, fan status and power supply status via a web browser interface and SNMP. All chassis in the range are hot-swap with a range of fiber module options such as single or dual modules, 10MHz reference modules, and 13/18V LNB powering. New models include redundancy systems for reliability as well as standalone component modules.

New Dextra L-band splitters and combiners

ETL’s new Dextra series includes 4-way and 8-way splitters and combiners in both single and dual configurations and 16-way splitters and combiners, available as single units. The range offers consistent RF performance, including high linearity and low noise figure, and outperforms some of the more expensive models available. Full remote control and monitoring via SNMP and web browser interface, with settable alarm thresholds. Flexible and configurable LNB power at the input ports of the splitters is also featured. New options include DC and 10MHz pass.

128x128 Vulcan Matrix/Router  

The compact 16U high 128x128 Vulcan Matrix/Router offers large scale data gathering and is especially useful for large teleports and broadcast head-ends such as IPTV, and includes dual redundant, hot-swap PSU’s and CPU’s. The product upholds ETL’s reliable reputation through hot-swap components and continuous monitoring through self-diagnostics and can be supplied part populated and expanded in increments of 8 for future requirements. The system also includes redundant mid matrix paths and can be controlled both locally and remotely. 

Alto Amplifiers

ETL’s Alto series range of L-band Amplifiers provides signal management flexibility within an RF chain.  The Alto family includes 4, 8 and 16 module chassis options with variable gain and can be remotely controlled via Ethernet and web browser interface. The design of the amplifier is modular, allowing hot-swap of amplifiers and power supplies, and can be controlled locally and monitored via the front panel display with simplified push buttons. It is designed for the front end RF chain and provides amplification and slope compensation from cable loss for teleports and TVRO and head-ends.