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January 31st, 2018

Resilient Space Defense Technologies Under Study by SSL for U.S.A.F.

SSL, a Maxar Technologies company (formerly MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd.) is leveraging the firm's heritage in developing advanced space architectures and systems to assist the U.S. Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center (USAF—SMC) with exploring new enterprise-level solutions to enable resilient space defense capabilities.

The study is expected to accelerate crucial technologies for future missions as identified within the U.S. Air Force Space Enterprise Vision (SEV), and further distinguish SSL as a trusted partner to U.S. government agencies. The SEV recognizes the increasing threat to space systems and provides an overarching vision for how the USAF should respond. In addition to enabling a more affordable and resilient national security space enterprise, the SEV shapes future space architectures intended to protect and defend our nation’s space capabilities against emerging threats.

SSL brings extensive expertise in the development of foundational and resilient space solutions to the study, including technologies for space infrastructure, affordable access to space, commercial data processing, and small satellites with the capability to support a broad range of future USAF missions.

SSL is working across the U.S. Department of Defense, civil, and commercial space communities on several leading-edge programs and studies that are expected to help U.S. government agencies define next-generation space technologies. These include the Payload Orbital Delivery System (PODS), a rideshare technology scheduled for its inaugural launch on an SSL-built satellite in 2018, Dragonfly robotics for on-orbit assembly, and sophisticated technologies for on-orbit GEO and LEO satellite servicing. SSL is also assisting the USAF develop a secure interface for hosting government payloads on commercial satellites, designing power and propulsion systems for NASA’s deep space gateway, and developing concepts for advanced satellite communications.

Richard White, the President SSL Government Systems, stated that national and global security depends on the operational continuity and resilience of the nation's space assets. SSL is honored to contribute concepts based on the firm's depth of experience to help accelerate the innovation needed for the U.S. Air Force to achieve its Space Enterprise Vision. SSL delivers proven commercial practices to design and build end-to-end space systems that can improve resilience, cost, and speed for government customers and help protect the quality of life for us all.