Satnews Daily
September 15th, 2015

SATCOM Training, Talia-Style, With GVF

[SatNews] Talia announces the launch of its training division, Talia Academy, which will provide quality training to staff, customers and partners. Initially focused on VSAT technology, installation and maintenance, courses will be provided from their facilities across the world and via the Talia online training portal.

Talia will integrate the industry standard GVF training program into its overall organizational structure, with all Talia technical personnel required, as a minimum, to complete the GVF Advanced Satcom Professional certification. Completion of these individual certifications requires a Hands On Skills Test (HOST), to be provided to both internal and external personnel by an embedded Talia HOST examiner. These individual certifications will then be used to complete Talia’s Accredited Organisation for Training (AO/T) certification requiring at least 90 percent of personnel to be enrolled in relevant GVF certification courses with at least 70 percent of those personnel having completed the required certifications.

Talia will run training in countries where they currently have offices including the UK, US, UAE, Italy, Germany, Nigeria, Uganda, South Sudan and Iraq. For details of the extensive training program, visit or obtain a printed copy from any Talia office. More information at this direct infolink...

Executive Comments

"Pursuing the GVF AO/T accreditation exemplifies Talia’s commitment to excellence in the SATCOM industry," said David Hartshorn, Secretary General of GVF. "This organizational certification signifies Talia’s commitment to maintaining a well-trained staff through rigorous training relevant to their duties."

Jack Buechler VP Business Development of Talia, said, “Having a Talia HOST examiner adds value internally, but most importantly for our customers and partners. We can efficiently complete our own GVF certifications while also providing this value added service to customers as part of our on-going commitment to quality. The Talia Academy will empower teams with a solid understanding of VSAT technology, installation and maintenance."