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July 22nd, 2012

Northern Sky Research Delves Into Maritime Target Market

[SatNews] Webinars, a great way to attend a conference without stepping away from your computer, such as this one The Key to Maritime Satcom Growth: Capacity or Customers?

The maritime satcom market drive to grow capacity supply and subscribers continues, and plenty of vendors aim to grow their business in this captive market.  From oil & gas offshore drilling, to cruise ships, to container ships through to smaller fishing vessels, the maritime segment has seen bandwidth demand grow substantially, yet thousands of lower data units were added in the last year.  What then is the prospect for players in this market:  compete heavily to offer more capacity for a low number of higher-end customers, or attempt to secure a larger pool of low-end subscribers requiring lower bandwidth (and thus lower ARPU)?

DATE:   Tuesday, July 31, 2012
TIME:    10:00 AM EDT

This three-part NSR webinar will examine the value of each maritime target market, including its relative demand in terms of bandwidth and in-service units.  Then, NSR will assess how supply is incorporating new solutions via high-throughput satellites (HTS) as operators sprint to fill the needs of ever-demanding, bandwidth-hungry customers.  Finally, this NSR webinar will offer insights as to how players are gaining market share in this increasingly competitive market and their strategy to capture new opportunities.

Key Questions to Answer in this NSR Webinar:

  • What has the recent slowdown in the commercial maritime business meant for satellite communications providers?  Has the growth curve changed?
  • Why is HTS a game-changer for maritime mobility?
  • What are players doing to address the market for more connectivity?
  • What impact has consolidation had on the market?
  • What is the best strategy to capture and keep maritime end-users?
Who Should Attend:
  • MSS and FSS Operators
  • MSS Distributors, Service Providers, Resellers
  • Satellite Manufacturers
  • Users of MSS Services in Maritime, Aeronautical, Government, Military and Fleet Markets
  • Terminal, Antenna, and Handset Manufacturers
  • Regulatory Agencies
  • Agencies Funding Telecom R&D
  • Space Agencies
  • Start-ups and Research Centers
  • Anyone Seeking to Better Understand the Dynamics of the MSS Market