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March 7th, 2019

Speedcast Helps Aid Global Disaster Efforts ... Funds Télécoms Sans Frontièr

Speedcast International Limited (ASX: SDA) a provider of remote communication and IT solutions, will donate funds to support Télécoms Sans Frontières (TSF) humanitarian needs around the world. TSF is the world's first emergency technology non-governmental organization (NGO). 

The NGO intervenes in humanitarian crises, conflict zones and areas hit by natural disasters to set up satellite communication for the affected populations and humanitarian organizations. In a crisis, satellite communication networks are essential for first responders and humanitarian organizations on the ground to carry out mission critical operations and to provide support to victims and businesses in need.

"In the wake of an unprecedented level of natural disasters over the past few years, we feel it is critical to extend our support for emergency relief organizations such as TSF," said Erwan Emilian, EVP of Enterprise and Emerging Markets for Speedcast. "Speedcast has a long history of responding quickly in times of humanitarian crises, helping those affected by providing reliable communications solutions. It is our privilege to support those organizations that provide resources and supplies at the most crucial times."

Speedcast has provided a variety of mission-critical disaster preparedness and recovery solutions for governments and enterprises, such as quick-deploy satellite terminals and satellite communications services, most recently for urgent relief efforts during the recent hurricane and earthquake disasters in the Caribbean. 

"Our mission is to connect the unconnected, including governments, United Nations agencies, fellow NGOs, and families that have survived devastating humanitarian crises of all kind," said Jean-François Cazenave, president of Télécoms Sans Frontières. "We are grateful that Speedcast has offered to generously sponsor our emergency response and disaster recovery efforts around the globe."