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May 17th, 2017

Signalhorn to Forge Better Connectivity in Africa

Signalhorn recently participated in the 2017 NG Telecom Summit, African edition, in Zambia — the summit focused on African communication expansion and the challenges that the industry faces.

At the three-day event, Signalhorn met with potential customers and key stakeholders to discuss possible solutions to the lack of infrastructure in Africa. With very few fixed telephone lines, mobile connectivity is essential for communication. Signalhorn’s sees their Skyvision Platform, which is a global-reaching network connecting customers to the Internet backbone through more than ten satellite platforms and a network of high-capacity fiber optic cables, as being important and critical in providing this connectivity. Having already implemented this system in Chad, Signalhorn continues to lead in the execution of global connectivity within the continent leveraging innovative technology specifically fit for the telco requirements in Africa.

Greg Lambert, Sales Director Africa for Signalhorn, noted that this cooperative experience was invaluable for the growth of mobile telecommunication within the continent of Africa. Signalhorn was pleased to participate and collaborate with key industry stakeholders to forge a path for better connectivity in the region. The company sees great customer interactions and potential in Africa, and relationships and business in this area of the world will continue to be cemented into place.