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June 25th, 2018

Integrasys Achieves Award-Winning Development with ESA Support

Integrasys has successfully worked with the support of the European Space Agency (ESA) to develop an award-winning solution, ALUSAT.

The Always Up Satellite Terminals (ALUSAT) solution improves the operation of 2-way satellite networks by enabling maintenance procedures that minimize operational costs caused by service failures. This enhances network availability and end user satisfaction.

Integrasys' Alusat VSAT maintenance system screenshot.

ALUSAT technology was developed under the ARTES Core Competitiveness (CC) program by Integrasys. The resulting product implements the key functionalities of a Network Management System for Broadband Satellite Networks. Deployed at the Networks Operation Centre (NOC) site, it automatically checks the uplink and downlink health of the terminal population at radio level, collecting additionally relevant configuration and performance information.

ALUSAT has received two industry awards, namely the ‘Best Ground Segment Technology’ in the VSAT Stellar Awards, and ‘Teleport Technology of the Year’ in the World Teleport Association’s 2018 Teleport Awards for Excellence.
Domenico Mignolo, Head of Ground Segment Section, ESA, commented that the satellite industry needs to offer innovative solutions. Through ARTES CC, companies are supported and the organization offers them funding and the technical support to develop competitive SATCOM solutions.

Alvaro Sanchez, General Manager, Integrasys, added that the support from ESA has been extremely beneficial, enabling the company to develop innovative solutions. Innovation is absolutely critical, especially in the current satellite environment. Integrasys has been growing drastically over recent years as the firm's customers have begun to rely on Integrasys for specialized and reliable technology and good support.